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Our Services

Credentialing and Contracting


Staying current on credentialing and contracting is vital to cash flow. It is our responsibility to establish and maintain relationships with your payers. Beachside Medical Billing has developed a strategic series of steps to ensure accuracy and completeness as well as appropriate follow-ups.

Practice Analytics


A Medical Billing company that is anything less than completely transparent is not one you should trust with the livelihood of your practice. Beachside Medical Billing proactively maintains a personal relationship making sure you have complete access and full visibility into your A/R at all times. We also provide monthly reports that details the status of your practice's accounts receivable.

On-site Training


One of the most important components of our Beachside Medical Billing services is the training we provide to help your practice optimize your revenue cycle. During the implementation phase, our team familiarizes your staff with our technique that enhances patient demographic by entering accurate policy IDs and collecting accurate copay balances upfront.  

Phone Calls to Current and Past Due Patient Accounts


Our team works closely with your office and patients' to provide timely resolutions to all billing inquiries.

Data Protection


Our commitment to protect your data is implicit in our relationship with you and expressly stated in your master agreement with Beachside Medical Billing. Among other security measures, we are HIPAA compliant.

Payment Prompting


Posting payments in a timely and accurate manner is essential for ensuring that all paid, rejected or delinquent claims are addressed and all secondary payers or patients are billed.

Aged Claim Reports with claim reconciliation


Ensures detailed information that goes more in depth than an Explanation of Benefits.  Necessary actions may include timely filing, following through with appeal processing and other important aspect to assure payment of claim. 

Claim Rejections and Denials


Your Beachside Medical Billing team works rejections and denials daily and we make it our goal to collect on each claim within one week of the claim being rejected or denied.

Patient Payment Processing


Unless otherwise indicated on the statement or patient check, Beachside Medical Billing will apply payments to the oldest balance on the patient's account.