A Uniquely Designed Revenue Cycle Solution

At Beachside Medical Billing we provide resources leading to the success of our doctors like no one else in the industry. While other companies require the client to do some of the legwork, we personally take on tasks like credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and so much more.

We have the resources to provide cost-effective and efficient customized medical billing services for any size practice in any specialty. Our team at Beachside Medical Billing has years of experience working with many Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Record platforms. We will work with software systems you prefer. However, we would be happy to recommend a software platform if you would like.

Are you planning on venturing on your own or just getting out of medical school? Beachside Medical Billing steers you to profitability and success by providing you with the expertise and resources to enable you to focus on the health of your patients- without having to worry about the health of your practice.

Beachside Medical Billing goes beyond basic in-house billing. We provide cost-effective and efficient medical billing services without the headaches of staff turnover, support issues, training costs, healthcare costs, federal and state taxes, and more.

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Beachside Medical Billing's mission is to give you more time for your patients, more revenue for your services and more control over the future. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Beachside Medical Billing can increase your revenue.